Features of Readymix Concrete ERP

Implemented in about 60 Readymix Concrete Companies, we have covered the breadth and width of all aspects of operations.

Inventory Management

  • Automation of batching plant & weigh bridge to capture data directly when a batch is done or weightment is made.
  • Manual batch monitoring when batch happens with computer shut down. Allows you to measure CUM done manually.
  • Form to enter incoming inventory in cases where there are no weigh bridges on plant location.
  • Detailed reports on core inventory consumption and stock position.
  • What you get – stop inventory mal-practices and monitor batching operations 24x7 from anywhere.

Finance & Cash Management

  • Automated invoice generation after each batch along with unique tax identification numbers (For example E-Sugam numbers in Karnataka for VAT and E-Waybill in other States).
  • Integration of invoices with Tally to save effort in manual data entry.
  • Setting credit limits and credit days at a customer/project level and track receivables against them. Get automated e-mail/SMS alerts in case of any breach in the limits.
  • Provision for making partial payments against invoices.
  • Detailed reports on receivables and payables.
  • What you get – A fully automated invoice generation system and ability to manage cash transactions with ease. Reduced dependency on qualified labor.

Scheduling & Production Control

  • Maintain production schedules across multiple locations. Invoices can be done only as per the customer/site/quantity/grade mentioned in the schedule.
  • Also invoicing can be restricted as per the quantity & time of PO validity as mentioned in the PO.
  • Restrict invoicing to customers who have crossed the credit limit/days in terms of outstanding payments.
  • What you get – Tight control on invoicing with no chance of despatch happening to customers who are not scheduled to be supplied.

Fleet & Stores Management

  • Ability to maintain trip logs and diesel consumption logs for all vehicles.
  • Maintenance schedules for service, insurance, oil changes etc can be stored and system can alert users via emails.
  • What you get – Capability to figure our per vehicle operational costs and preventive maintenance. Helps in identifying mal-practices and plugging them.

Stores & QC Management

  • Manage all store material issues and spares in your stores.
  • Maintain the recipe design mix for different customers/site.
  • What you get – accurately track expenses incurred on ancilliary materials needed to run your business.
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